Sunday, April 29, 2012

reaggie at 19 months

1.  loves to wear all shoes except her own
2.  puppy (penelope) is her favorite companion
3. loves to say the word "apple"
4. loves to sing "old mac donald" especially the e.i.e.i.o
5. says in order of preference: apple, star, puppy, ice cream, ball, nice nice, bye bye, big bubble, banana, strawberry, bear, nose, eye, ear, nene, blue, green, thank you
6. likes to give stern looks at strangers.  if she really doesn't want to be bothered she'll wave and say "bye bye"
7. likes to go to sleep with her blankie, puppy, stars, and raindrops
8.  likes to play in mommy and daddy's closets
9.  bounces up and down when jingle bell plays
10.  really loves thomas the tank engine
11.  has a thing for real keys.  tries to open doors with keys
12.  loves it when we draw for her and likes to draw herself. seems to have excellent fine motor skills
13.  likes to study our face and hear the words as she points to our nose, eyes, mouth, cheeks, ears, hair
14. when she wants to give anyone something, she'll hold it straight up in the air and say, "momma!!"
15. kicks her crib loudly when she wants to get out
16.  talks and talks and talks in her jibber jabber duck voice
17.  still an easy go-along kid
18.  loves our wednesday gymboree and starbucks outing.  participates a little in the group, but mostly wants to do her own thing...balls, tunnels, and bubbles are a favorite
19. sings and dances to "gymbo the clown"
20.  takes a bath everynight with auttie
21.  listens when we ask...even when she doesn't want to
22.  makes this heartwrenching face when we say "no"

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