Monday, June 18, 2012

day 11 of 81

today auttie started summer camp.  so proud of her confidence...she jumps right in even though the environment is unfamiliar. i was the upset one, driving home a little teary eyed for leaving her to socially fend for herself.  totally unecessary...when i picked her up she was all smiles and couldn't stop chatting about shooting a bow and arrow and her new friends.  i have to remind myself to not coddle her...she doesn't need it.

we spent the last sunny moments of the day outside.  cracks me up how reaggie looks at the end of the day...naked, wild hair...downright scruffy.

this is spike and terrence. we painted these guys last night.
they were part of a kids made modern kit by target and todd oldham.  normally i like to make up our own crafts, but i thought this was pretty special since it featured the work of charley harper.  there is a bird version that i can't wait to get hold of.  with a little string and some sticks i think it would make a cool mobile.

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