Friday, June 8, 2012

day 1 of 81...hello summer!

after a blogging break, i am ready to journal our 81 days of summer vacation.  i figure i only get so many summers with my girls and i want to remember the lazy schedule free days.  this is auttie on her last day of kindergarten...sniff...81 days until she is on the big campus

day 1 of the end of the afternoon we went to the mela school park...couldn't stay away from school for more than a day.  we were not the only ones...our neighbors, miss lisa, and two other families were also there and all the kiddos played until the sun went down.  next time we're bringing pizza and drinks and making a family date out of it!

not plannng on too much crafting this summer except with the girls...trying to spend any spare time preparing for a 1/2 marathon and finishing my children's book.

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