Monday, July 16, 2012

day 39 of 81...

can't believe that summer is half past.  last week was a blur...too busy to record day by day. a quick recap of what i remember:

monday...we met bean for lunch.  not sure why it is exciting to have lunch with bean in the middle of the work day, but it is.  i could tell the girls thought it was special.  the trick was trying to keep his shirt clean while dining with two little ones with crayons.
tuesday...auttie started gym camp
wednesday...we took the girls to see brave.  it was reaggie's first theater movie.  she gobbled down popcorn and made it comfortably through the previews, but only lasted through 10 minutes of brave.
friday...cakepop playdate easy day at the park and in the pool

 sunday...we toured the uss iowa

monday...a lazy morning...spending most of it creating maps, stories, beasts, whatever came to mind...shrinky dinks took a close second.  in the afternoon, we managed to roll out of the house and down to the gardens for a walk.

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