Tuesday, July 3, 2012

day 26 of 81...

this has been a week of documentaries for bean and i.  it started with deep water, then between the folds, and lastly buck.  as much as i love summer blockbusters, i would recommend these films over all the upcoming theater releases.  they offer a glimpse into real world's i'll never experience, yet touch on human vulnerabilities we all feel.

deep water is the story of donald crowhurst and his attempt to sail around the world in 1969. the story is haunting and tragic.  i watched it twice and thought about it for days...he set out to become a hero and ended up broken.

between the folds we watched in awe at the sheer genius and passion of extraordinary origami folders.  some parts were way beyond my comprehension.

buck is the story of buck brannaman a soft spoken horse trainer who was the inspiration for the novel, The Horse Whisperer.  he was hilarious, no-nonsense, philosophical, and as robert redford says in the film, "the real deal"...all characteristics i greatly admire.  my favorite quote:
Solvitur en modo, Firmitur en rey
Gentle in what you do, Firm in how you do it

i loved his simple, direct, and humble approach to life...all focused on things that really matter.

what i want to remember from today:
1) hanging out with our mela friends at swim
2) autties homemade coloring book for reaggie (she drew all the words that reaggie knows)...she made it after reaggie scribbled all over her homemade dinosaur book
3) auttie:  you blend colors better than i do mommy.  pause.  aren't you going to tell me that i color better than you now?
4) auttie's and my nightly routine of working on our summer journals together

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