Tuesday, July 24, 2012

day 46 of 81...

another summer week come and gone.  the days are starting to blur together...a fine lazy blend of easy mornings, garden walks, swimming, and art projects...it is our new routine.   every morning...i think "today we will do something grand...go far...see something new" and then we find ourselves sprawled out on the floor or under a tent with paint, crayons, and paper. today we made robots...tomorrow ???  i guess, like me, they just want to spend time together.

not only am i LOVING this schedule free time with the girls...but in the 7 weeks of summer the relationship between the girls has evolved...they now seek each other out to play together.  it works out perfectly...aut is bossy, exuberent, and silly and reaggie with her easy way follows along with a big smile and an encouraging laugh

so last week = a couple garden visits + haircuts + birthday planning + furniture shopping + lots of abc drawings + summer cleaning
garden visits: we normally spend our time in the children's garden. true to their nature, aut runs ahead looking for curiousities while reaggie holds my hand, looking up every so often for a smile

haircuts: we finally took the girls in for a haircut. their overchopped bangs make them look like troublemakers...reminds me of jim carey's crazy characters

birthday planning:  we're leaning towards a traditional party at home w/ pin the tail on the donkey and musical chairs.  can't wait to create a ceiling of garlands and a HUGE table of sweets

furniture shopping: new chairs on their way...goodbye stripey, pen marked, faded, flat chairs.  gotta keep the sharpies away from these.  next up...a new fireplace...when do home improvements stop?

abc drawings...drawing lots of letters for reaggie to help her learn the alphabet. 

summer cleaning...going through room by room and dumping all the old stuff.  the worst was going through 4 school years of auttie's papers.  if i do toss...it has be done in stealth mode, late at night...away from the sensitive watchful eyes of auttie.

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