Monday, July 30, 2012

day 52 of 81...

today we visited the skirball cultural center with the girls to see the noah's ark exhibit.  the grounds, architecture, service, and exhibit were beyond amazing....the experience was near perfection on many levels...visually stunning, engaging for the kids, genius designs, and well thought out spaces that flowed easily together. i love how each space evoked a sense of calm, playfulness, or reverence.

  i can't wait to return to discover all that we missed today. 
i know there were wheels we forgot to spin, handles we didn't pull, gardens we didn't walk, art projects we didn't try, performances and exhibits we didn't see...

note to self: this past week's highlights...
day 52/sunday...watching angler fish videos w/ auttie and learning about the uss indiana
day 51/saturday...friends over for dinner and swimmng
day 50/friday...worked late/watched opening ceremonies in london. go usa!!
day 49/thurday...gym camp and ice skating
day 48/wedneday...gardening and hanging out w/ the girls
day 47/tuesday...???
day 46/ w/ the girls

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