Sunday, September 16, 2012

birthday planning...

september...a month of family celebrations...2 birthdays and an anniversary all in a 6 day span...right as school begins after a lazy summer.  what were we thinking?
as a result, celebration dates have been artificially altered and spread across the month so that each can be honored and enjoyed as they should be.  today we celebrated reaggie's a couple weeks we'll celebrate auttie's 6th...and in a month we'll celebrate our 9th.  still it makes for an intense september.
auttie wanted a bug and bird the project plan is in place...and tasks are being checked off daily.  i thought i would capture glimpses of the party beforehand as i find it impossible to both host and shoot pictures at the same time.
one task this a treasure hunt.  at the end will be a chest of geodes for the kiddos to crack open. as a kid, i would haved loved this...crossing my fingers that it will be as fun as i imagine.

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