Sunday, September 16, 2012

jooey is twooey


endless bits to love about you
your deep quacky voice, your teeny feet and solid legs, that you smother old pink puppy in kisses multiple times a day, that you sing old mac donald, home on the range and i see the moon, that you love to impersonate animals (piggy and turtle are my favorites), that when you are admonished you tear up and move your head up and down, that you call boats SS, that you need to be rocked to sleep by mommy to the tune of be my baby, that you know the difference between happy apple, sad apple, and mad apple,  the bright look on your face and uncontrollable laugh when you are chased, your love of puzzles, particularly the u.s. puzzle with the golden gate bridge...that you call them huzzles...that you ask daily a huzzle? a huzzle?, that you grab our cheeks, turn our face, and kiss us when you want attention, that you lie down our tummy and kick your feet, that you hold my hand whenever we are out, that you ask for blue num num yes?, that you love to dance by clapping your hands, turning in circles, and stamping your feet,  that when you see us you say hi, mommy! hi daddy!, that you ride auttie like a horse, the proud look when you buckle your own seat belt, that before you take a bite of ice cream, you say ice cream at least two times, that you love to go bye bye car, that you love to play the piano, your big toothy grin, that you still have the pointy lip smile, that you want to hear mommy play hit me with your best shot on the toy guitar, that you hold us tight when we snuggle you
happy birthday our sweet love



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