Monday, October 1, 2012

the aftermath...

sitting here with a cup of coffee, my computer, and the beginnings of a cold.  i am surrounded by still wrapped presents and a party room half undone.

yesterday we hosted auttie's bird and bug bash.  she and her friends giggled, hugged, screamed, and played way beyond the end of the party...which in my book means the party was all right.

what i want to remember...
1) that the moms were more into the shrinky dink necklaces than the kids.  there were some truly museum worhty pieces
2) that all of auttie's friends tackled her with hugs when she won hot potato
3) the excitement on the kiddo's faces when the two-tiered cake was brought out
4) that the kids skipped all the treasure hunt clues and went straight to searching for the geodes
5) seeing our friends relax and have a great time
6) the screaming and excitement when the kids tossed the hot potato
7) seeing all the kiddos huddled around damon when he cracked open the geodes
8) auttie's face when the room was exploding with "happy birthday"
9) being reminded how lucky we are to have some pretty awesome folks for friends

it was an amazing day.

 happy sixth my little love!

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Jenny LQ said...

love, love, love your decor.... we should get together and chit chat. i'm thinking about extending my business into event styling... maybe we can collaborate on some projects??