Sunday, January 6, 2013

this week's joy

descanso gardens: wandering the trails on our annual new year's eve trek to descanso gardens. we visit the garden throughout the year, but this particular visit has become a tradition. we spend it reflecting on the year past and planning for the year to come.

new years eve at home:  the girls shortly after the 2013 ball dropped in ny.  when i see the million + folks with their chattering smiles on tv, i always feels so lucky to be in my pjs and cuddled up next to my 3 loves (with a bathroom and warm beverages within reach) .  the only thing about all the coziness is that bean and i are finding it harder each year to make it to midnight.   this year we dozed off a few minutes before.

date night w/ auttie: + 8 moms + 11 girls + crowded arena.  when aut and i see a show together, i usually spend the time watching her reactions as it is brings me much more joy than the show itself.  aut, who NEVER wears or does anything girly, happily put on a dress and crown for the show.  i was stunned.

auttie embracing her big sister role:   a new phase.  she reads reaggie stories, she helps guide her, she holds her hand, she ties her shoes.  reagan is less game and often protests with an arched back NOOOOO!

date w/ bean...bean and i were destined to not see the hobbit...after botching the times at two theaters,  we gave up and dined on hamburgers and had coffee by the sea...a lot more romantic than watching hobbits and dwarves

the reagan library...this was the first visit for the kids, as we normally try to avoid taking them to quiet venues where you cannot run or touch (a lesson learned after the titanic exhibit).   we sped through most of the museum and  headed to air force one, where as we expected, the girls were amazed by the hugeness of it all. i mean how often do you get to stand between the wheels of a 747?   aut's favorite part about air force one? the jars of jellybeans...and explaining to any that would listen that her little sister was named after the president.  to truly absorb his life and legacy, bean and i will return sans kids. 

her question: is that when you asked daddy if you could marry him?
 our nightly magic tree house sessions
our fruit ninja competitions
her insistence on wearing short sleeve shirts

reading her stories while she sits on my lap
playing coffee w/ water and circle crackers
puppies here puppies here
i hear ponyo
what was that? that's a...
why he sad? oooo

schedule free
lamenting the loss of our faithful 4runner
 rejoicing in our newly finished garage door

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