Thursday, January 17, 2013

this week's joy...

being thankful...always late, but i rarely forget to say thank you for kind gestures.  it is a value i want my girls to feel genuinely thankful for the kindness of others. being in the valentine-y mood - i made heart thank yous

valentine's crafts...on the search for kid craft inspiration.
with the girls home sick this weekend, we got a head start on valentine's day with some hand stitched cards and model magic munchkins.

disneyland w/ bean...sunday, bean and i snuck off to disneyland...just the two of us.  such a different experience without the kids. we walk, talk, eat, hold hands...all at a leisurely pace...what a luxury!
cooking...i can't believe this, but for the first time in 40 years i can say that i enjoy cooking.  up until a few weeks ago.. i never cooked...ever...well rarely and begrudgingly.
something clicked. now i want to see what i can create each night. bean is both bewildered and delighted.

at the end of preschool, reagan goes up to each teacher and in her little quacky voice says goodbye to each teacher...bye lisa...bye jackie...bye kendall
hello cooey = hello kitty
loves to dance to the ponyo song that plays during the end credits.  she does her funny gallop dance around the living room rug and occasionally body slams into our couch
green tub = reagan's new boat
her red box of credit cards
into science...wants to take a science class and asked if she could enter the science fair
asked grandpa if she could take golf lessons - so she starts this month at the club
asked me if she could get a new big girl backpack...sniff
planning for summer (seriously)
loving our new routine of cooking breakfast and dinner together

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