Sunday, January 27, 2013

this week's joy

making things...this weekend, aut and i were inspired to make our own heart crayons after finding this post on whipperberry.  i LOVED how it was so easy to make something SO cool.  

we also worked on tissue jars...

and shrinky dink hearts...

magic castle...on saturday, bean and i ventured into hollywood to the magic castle for a friend's 21st birthday. standing in line to enter a club at my bedtime reminded me of my 20's.  SO glad to be an old folk now.  still, gotta love the kitschy-ness and the people watching.

magic tent...lots of magic this weekend.  we set up a make-shift tent in reagan's room this week using a book shelf,  fur chairs, and scarves.  it was REAL cozy especially with the rain. the girls spent many hours huddled in the tent, reading stories, watching movies, and munching on snacks.  the magic was at night when we turned on the lanterns and stars.

scooting...lately after school, the girls like to play in the courtyard.  they make leaf soup, dig for fossils, and scoot around on their scooters.  the contrast between the girls makes me chuckle...aut takes slow graceful strides, while reaggie barrels around the courtyard like a bowling ball.

flu...not that the fever was joyful for my auttie, but slowing down the day and just spending unplanned time together was the silver lining.

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