Monday, March 4, 2013

this month's joy

hanging out with friends...terrenea morning coffee with my old mela friends and the february book club meeting to discuss (for 5 minutes) gone girl.
watching documentaries...

the arrival of our new juicer...after watching forks over knives and fat sick and nearly dead, bean and i were convinced we needed a juicer. our fridge is now stuffed with organic veggies.  i actually REALLY like the juices. after a month of more veggies and water, no coffee, and less sugar, i am still waiting to look and feel 25.  will report on how this goes...

valentine's day...
scrapbooking...working on projects for an upcoming special CK Summer issue.  refreshing to scrapbook and be creative again after the 4 month holiday hurricane.

reading... this month for the bookclub...unbroken and angry housewives eating bon bons.  how i love to become one with our green couch and a good story.  unbroken, for me, is a choppy read...hence the 300+ pages still left to go.  housewives...i am luxuriating in the emotional drama.  i like to tell bean about the parts that make me chuckle or tear up. at first he feigns a moment of interest.  when his eyes glaze over, i know as thunder follows lightening, the fake gag reaction will follow, thus ending our conversation about angry housewives (or pride and prejudice, or the help, or Shakespeare in love etc.)

of course disney...we renewed our passes for the umpteenth year.

watching the girls get closer...

reaggie...why is circle happy?  because his mommy and daddy lubbie him
reaggie...what's happening?
reaggie...a singing machine
autumn...mommy who gave you permission to empty out my box?
autumn...missing her two front cute

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