Tuesday, June 14, 2016

summer 2016

hello blog.  well, it has been 2 years + since my last entry.  i thought the beginning of summer would be the perfect time to start it all up again. i've also decided that it is time that i unravel in my head the knotted beast of social media...pinterest, instagram, twitter, snapchat, facebook, youtube.  for years i've kept my head in the ground, avoiding progress, but i fear if i ignore it any longer, i'll become obsolete in my mid 40s.

in the last week or so, i started posting some of my etsy goods to pinterest and instagram as a starter. nothing happened until my sister-in-law mentioned that i need to add hashtags as well.  what? hashtags? what are those?  i feel like such a social media dolt.  lo and behold - i added hashtags and i had seven new followers just like that.  amazing. i don't understand it, but it is pretty cool.

so for summer at least...back to a little blogging about my days with these goofly lil munchkins and my stumblings through social media.  happy sunny days!

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JK said...

Welcome back!